From Alpha Male to Queen Bee - A Gender Swap Erotic Fantasy Sage Reamen


Published: January 28th 2014

Kindle Edition

22 pages


From Alpha Male to Queen Bee - A Gender Swap Erotic Fantasy  by  Sage Reamen

From Alpha Male to Queen Bee - A Gender Swap Erotic Fantasy by Sage Reamen
January 28th 2014 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 22 pages | ISBN: | 10.26 Mb

Tyler spends his evenings womanizing and his days working at the BioGen laboratories, where he and his co-worker Rick have been working on a top-secret formula designed to transform men into luscious young women.!One evening, while out cruising for action, something strange is slipped into Tylers drink. Its not until he wakes up the next day that he discovers his body has changed - suddenly he has become a she!Whats even more incredible is the way the serum seems to impact his libido.

Suddenly Tyler cant get sex - and men - off his mind! Thankfully, theres someone nearby to help fulfill his uncontrollable urges - his reserved, taciturn co-worker!---Excerpt:Uh… hi?” Rick stammered, blushing. “Can… can I help you?”“I sure hope so,” Tyler said and, to his amazement, the voice came out feminine, soft, almost like a… purr. “I’m looking for Rick.”Rick blinked and stood back. “Uh, I… I’m Rick.”She pushed him in, closing the door behind her.

“Tyler sent me,” he lied on the spot, suddenly inspired. “He’s come down with something but wanted you to have a little fun tonight. Do you… you think we could have some fun together, Rick?”“Oh boy,” he said, wiping his palms on his slacks. “I guess. I mean… are you sure? This isn’t some practical joke or something?”Tyler sounded hurt.

“No, why?”“I just, I mean… Tyler’s never done anything like this before.”She wasn’t lying when she said, “Me neither.”“Oh God,” he said as she undid his tie before dropping it to the bed. “I… dont you want to talk first?” he asked.Tyler was horny, hot, electric, liquid, in a way he – she – had never felt before.

She nodded, yanking off his shirt so that buttons danced across the carpet beneath their feet.“Sure,” she said, tugging it off to the skin beneath, firm and wanting. “I’ll talk,” she said, slinking to her knees.

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