Manual De Historia Dominicana Frank Moya-Pons

ISBN: 9788439976813


666 pages


Manual De Historia Dominicana  by  Frank Moya-Pons

Manual De Historia Dominicana by Frank Moya-Pons
| | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 666 pages | ISBN: 9788439976813 | 4.27 Mb

I received this as a Christmas gift about eight years ago, being a midwestern born and bred Dominican-American who knew very little of of the history of country of my ancestors. A thorough and concise read of the history of the island of Quisqueya (the original Taino name of the island), from Columbus Spanish funded expedition and discovery of the island, to Spanish colonization of the island and its empire (and influence) in the New World, the destruction of the natives and important of African Slaves, the conmingling of the three cultures from three continents that has left a lasting legacy on the music, food, and culture of the island, and to its tumultous history of politics and and Dominican pioneers who have shaped the country to what it is today.

A great read!

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