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Join my Dream: taking over the North Pole ourselves AND its vast energy reserves!



Don't know what to buy for someone's birthday, because he/she already has everything?

You're 100% sure the hero of the feast doesn't have his or her claim to the North Pole.

You receive the North Pole Package which includes a personalised North Pole certificate with your name on it. More info

The story in short

I'm Harald van Reenen , the FIRST HUMAN BEING IN THE WORLD who claimed the North Pole and all its oil and gas reserves, worth trillions of dollars.

I filed my claim, called The International People’s Claim to the North Pole in 2007 with the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. and The International Seabed Authority (United Nations)
in order to have prove in my hands that I really did claim the North Pole.

Why I did this? Well, no person before thought of doing that themselves. In fact that claim, if recognised, will make me the first trillionair in the world, that means 1000 times richer than Bill Gates! Incredible? Yes. Impossible? NO! Not in my dreams, that is:)

To bolster my claim I want you to become co-owner of the International People’s Claim to the North Pole join me in exchange for a piece of the enormous wealth that can be found under the ice sheet of the North Pole.

Yes, not only you can become owner of a piece of ice but also of the enormous oil and gas reserves which experts think can be found under the melting ice cap.  

No guarantee, but I think your “dividend” can be HUGE:). 

OR, do we want the North Pole to be left alone?

No oil drilling? No problem for me. I don’t need to become just as rich as Mark Zuckerberg. If we have our say WE can make any decision about what to do with the Artic.

But before you get too enthusiastic, let's face it. The chance that we (me and those who take part in my claim) can take over the North Pole is almost zero to nothing.

Therefore I want to stress that your personalised claim certificate can only be seen as a fun gift. But what a fun we can have if the North Pole will really be ours!   

Up till now there were 5 nations who claimed the North Pole. But that has changed. Now they’re are 6 claims. You can become co-owner of this claim.

Join the first person in the world who claimed the North Pole and become part of the biggest gold rush of the 21st century!

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What’s in your package:

A unique personalised Claim Certificate with your own name on it or your loved one, business etc, a transcript of the original and downright cheeky claim made by me, the first person in the world who has claimed the North Pole.

An UNUSUAL GIFT, to say the least, but based on a very serious claim.

All documents are professionally designed and elegantly printed.
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This makes a great novelty gift for your loved one or for yourself!

What do you get the person who already has everything? What would make the most unique, yet affordable gift, for the one you love? But don’t forget yourself!

Why should we claim the North Pole?

According to scientists, the Arctic is home to a quarter of the world’s untapped oil and gas reserves.

You will become co-owner of the claim of the century, meaning you’re not only have a claim to the North Pole, but you may also share in the significant wealth that comes with it. In no time at all, you could be a MILLIONAIREJ.

But doesn’t anyone already owns the North Pole?

The fascinating answer is NO, not even Santa Claus! Nobody owns the North Pole, a loophole in the International laws which enabled me to lodge my claim.

That decision that no country would claim the North Pole was made when no one actually knew about the enormous oil reserves that can be found under the ice sheet. Moreover, up till know it was impossible to exploit this, because of the ice sheet. But due to global warming that ice is now receding very rapidly…

The five so called Polar nations - Russia, Canada, the United States, Norway and Denmark (through Greenland) – have already tried to claim the rights to exploit the North Pole. So far they have all failed!

And when it is up to us (e.g. we and YOU as claimant to the North Pole) they will never have that right, because we already have this right through a unique claim you can join.

If you join The International People’s Claim to the North Pole, you are positioning yourself to be a possible co-owner of these reserves, and put yourself inline for a potential windfall never before dreamt of.

But of course in the first place this personalised certificate is an unique gift idea for your loved one or for your self. It will make a great conversation piece when framed in your office or home (no frame

But really: do we stand a change of owning the North Pole?

No, The North Pole certificate should only be seen as a great AND original gift. Need a present for someone's birthday who already has everything?

You're 100% sure the hero of the feast doesn't have the North Pole certificate. For Details click here 

Disclaimer: No real action will be taken to take over the North Pole. This can only be seen as a great idea that we as individuals can take over the North Pole. But what a great and original idea it is! Join my dream.








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